Can Cambodia move beyond its conflicting historical narratives?

An op-ed published in Thmey Thmey. By Kimkong Heng Forty years after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime on January 7, 1979, the kingdom is still faced with a serious historical challenge which continues to divide Cambodians from all walks of life — the country cannot agree on the meaning and interpretation of oneContinue reading “Can Cambodia move beyond its conflicting historical narratives?”

Conflicting historical narratives are divisive

An op-ed published in Khmer Times. By Kimkong Heng Cambodian people have been divided, so divided over their differing interpretations of their country’s historical events. Some historical facts such as the liberation day on 7th January has been over-politicised. Two conflicting narratives prevail and dominate the social and political discourses in the Kingdom. As aContinue reading “Conflicting historical narratives are divisive”