The West’s Cambodia Dilemma

This article was published by Pacific Forum on 13 Oct 2020. An earlier version of this article was published in New Mandala. By Kimkong Heng The European Union and the United States face a Cambodia dilemma: Both have imposed sanctions in response to Cambodia’s drift from democracy, risking Phnom Penh’s further alignment with Beijing and thusContinue reading “The West’s Cambodia Dilemma”

The Politics of Survival and Cambodia’s Post-COVID-19 Foreign Policy

This article was published by the Australian Institute of International Affairs on 08 Oct 2020. By Kimkong Heng The politics of regime survival will continue to be the dominant force diving Cambodia’s foreign policy post-COVID-19. This will push Cambodia deeper into China’s orbit. Cambodia’s foreign policy has been largely driven by the politics of regime survival.Continue reading “The Politics of Survival and Cambodia’s Post-COVID-19 Foreign Policy”

How Can Scholars Contribute to the Development of Cambodia?

This article was originally published by Cambodia Development Center and republished by Cambodianess. By Kimkong Heng Scholars are people who pursue academic and intellectual activities. They are intelligent and well-educated people who know a lot about particular topics. In any society, scholars, researchers, academics, professionals, and other highly educated individuals have an important role toContinue reading “How Can Scholars Contribute to the Development of Cambodia?”

Factors influencing academics’ research engagement and productivity: A developing countries perspective

This article was published in Issues in Educational Research on 24 September 2020. The abstract The method The framework (developed from the literature review) The authors Click here to download the article. All images from from the article.

Cambodia Must Move Beyond its “Double Standard” Narrative

This article was published by The Geopolitics on 12 September 2020. By Kimkong Heng Cambodia must jettison its narrative claiming that the European Union has practiced double standards when the bloc decided to withdraw its Everything But Arms (EBA) trade scheme, which Cambodia has enjoyed since 2001. On Aug. 12, the EU’s decision to partially withdraw the EBA trade scheme fromContinue reading “Cambodia Must Move Beyond its “Double Standard” Narrative”