Opinion Pieces

2021 (8 pieces and more to come)

COVID-19: A Catalyst for the Digital Transformation of Cambodian Education (ISEAS – YUSOF ISHAK INSTITUTE, 25 June 2021)

Steps to promote academic research in Cambodia (Cambodia Development Center, 13 March 2021)

The role of public intellectuals in Cambodian society (Cambodia Development Center, 5 March 2021)

Cambodia Needs to End its State Repression and “Double Standard” Narrative (in a book published by Shape SEA, 4 Feb 2021)

Cambodia and Australia’s Policies on Higher Education: Can They Meet the Needs of Future Generations? (Cambodian Education Forum, 12 Jan 2021)

Cambodia’s COVID-19 Response: Measures and Concern (Asian Vision Institute’s Mekong Connect, Dec 2020)

Opinion: Cambodia Needs to Move Beyond Conflicting Interpretations of January 7 (Cambodianess, 7 Jan 2021)

Cambodia’s Foreign Policy: Balancing China And Vietnam – Analysis (Eurasia Review, 5 Jan 2021, with Sokvy Rim)

2020 (68 pieces)

Cambodian Education Forum in 2020: Achievements, challenges, and way forward (Cambodian Education Forum, 31 Dec 2020).

Nurturing a Vibrant Research Culture in Cambodia: Without a Home-Grown Research Culture, There is No Research Development (Cambodian Development Center, 11 December 2020)

COVID-19 Enhances Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Legitimacy (Asian Vision Institute, 08 December 2020)

Online learning during COVID-19: Key challenges and suggestions to enhance effectiveness (Cambodian Education Forum, 08 December 2020)

The Inevitability of US-China Confrontation for Regional and Global Dominance – Analysis (Eurasia Review, 4 Dec 2020, with Dr. Vannak Ro)

Cambodia’s Foreign Policy Post-COVID-19: Key Challenges (ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, 19 Nov 2020)

Stakeholder collaboration: The key to promoting academic research in Cambodia (Cambodia Development Center, 16 Nov 2020; A shorter version of this article was republished in Cambodianess on 21 Nov 2020)

The Case for a Cambodian Foreign Policy Reset (The Diplomat, 16 Nov 2020)

Opinion: Celebrate Independence Day with Unity, Peace and Prosperity in Mind (Cambodianess, 09 Nov 2020)

Embracing English While Preserving Khmer Identity (Cambodian Education Forum, 07 Nov 2020)

Post-pandemic, higher education reform is the priority (University World News, 24 Oct 2020; Cambodianess, 05 Nov 2020)

New Hope for a Research Culture in Cambodia (Cambodia Development Center, 23 Oct 2020)

The West’s Cambodia Dilemma (13 Oct 2020, Pacific Forum)

The Politics of Survival and Cambodia’s Post-COVID-19 Foreign Policy (08 Oct 2020, Australian Outlook)

Addressing Political Issues at Home is Key to Cambodia’s Future (06 Oct 2020, International Policy Digest) – with Len Ang

How Can Scholars Contribute to the Development of Cambodia? (03 Oct 2020, Cambodia Development Center; republished in Cambodianess on 07 Oct 2020)

Cambodia Needs to End its State Repression and “Double Standard” Narrative (29 Sep 2020, Shape SEA)

As Cambodia cracks down, youth must increase their social media activism (23 Sep 2020, Southeast Asia Globe)

Cambodia deserves praise for its COVID-19 success (15 Sep 2020, Khmer Times)

Cambodia Must Move Beyond its “Double Standard” Narrative (12 Sep 2020, The Geopolitics)

Applauding Cambodia’s COVID-19 success (12 Sep 2020, Cambodianess)

Post-EBA, Cambodia Needs to Jettison its ‘Double Standard’ Narrative (10 Sep 2020, The Diplomat)

Cambodia’s foreign policy can be seen in another way (04 September 2020, Khmer Times)

The Cambodia dilemma: foreign affairs and human rights in tension (01 September 2020, New Mandala)

The Need for Cambodia to Deepen its India Engagement (30 August 2020, Cambodianess) – wtih Bunna Vann

The Romanization of Khmer Language: Should We Stop It? (28 August 2020)

Letter to the Editor: Cambodia’s Promising Future May Still Be Very Far Away (25 August 2020, Cambodianess)

What is the Cambodian dream? (23 August 2020, Cambodianess)

The role of academics in promoting research (in Cambodia) (24 August 2020, Khmer Times)

Some Suggestions on How to Teach English Vocabulary Effectively (24 August 2020, Cambodian Education Forum)

Cambodia needs technocratic leaders to stay relevant in Industry 4.0 (24 August 2020, ASEAN Today) – with Visal Chourn

To Avoid Overdependence on China, Cambodia Needs to Build Its Relations With India (21 August 2020, The Diplomat)- with Bunna Vann

What’s Next for Cambodia After the Dual Impact by COVID-19 and EBA Withdrawal? (17 Aug 2020, The Geopolitics)

Navigating Cambodia’s post-COVID-19 relations with the superpowers (Vol. 3 No. 1 July 2020; ASEAN Insights; link later)

ASEAN’s Challenges and the Way Forward (15 August 2020, The Diplomat)

Cambodia’s foreign policy post-COVID-19 (14 Aug 2020, East Asia Forum)

បទវិភាគ៖ តើកម្ពុជាត្រូវធ្វើអ្វីបន្ទាប់ពីការដក EBA? (12 Aug 2020, BK-Updates)

Cambodia: Hard choices (11 Aug 2020, The Interpreter)

What’s next for Cambodia after EBA withdrawal? (11 Aug 2020, Asia Times)

អាស៊ាន​អាយុ​៥៣​ឆ្នាំ​៖ បញ្ហា​ប្រឈម​សំខាន់ៗ និង​មាគ៌ា​ឆ្ពោះទៅមុខ​ (11 Aug 2020, Thmey Thmey)

ASEAN at 53: Key Challenges and the Way Forward (08 Aug 2020, Cambodianess)

Youth’s role in advancing Cambodia’s digital diplomacy (06 Aug 2020, Asia Times) – with Bunna Vann

Cambodia’s State of Emergency Law and its Social and Political Implications (06 Aug 2020, Asia Pacific Bulletin, East West Center)

Academic freedom in Cambodia is limited, but to what extent? (05 Aug 2020, The Phnom Penh Post)

Advancing Cambodia’s economic diplomacy and development: Challenges and the way forward (03 Aug 2020, CICP Op-Ed Series) – with MengLeng Chhay

How can Cambodia reap maximum benefits from a free trade deal with China? (01 Aug 2020, Cambodianess)

Cambodia Must Prioritize Education and Research to Realize its Vision (30 July 2020, Cambodianess)

The vital role of youth in promoting Cambodia’s culture and image abroad (29 July 2020, Southeast Asia Globe) – with Bunna Vann

Why China Increases Its Cambodia Engagement Despite COVID-19 (24 July 2020, The Geopolitics)

China’s image problem during Covid-19 crisis (27 July 2020, Asia Times)

Critical Questions Awaiting Cambodia’s Hun Manet (23 July 2020, Australian Outlook)

Why Cambodia’s image continues to falter (21 July 2020, Asia Times)

The State of Academic Freedom in Cambodia (20 July 2020, Asian Vision Institute)

COVID-19: An Opportunity for the Cambodian Government to Earn Trust (21 July 2020, E-International Relations) – with Len Ang

Effective English vocabulary learning strategies: A research summary (16 July 2020, Cambodian Education Forum)

Opinion – Cambodia’s COVID-19 Success, Economic Fallout and Image Crisis (15 July 2020, E-International Relations)

Taking Cambodia-Vietnam relations to new heights (13 July 2020, CICP Op-Ed Series) – with Raksmey Him

Who’s Helping Cambodia Weather COVID-19? (08 July 2020, The Diplomat) – with Len Ang

COVID-19: A silver lining in the crisis for Cambodia’s education sector (05 July 2020, Cambodian Education Forum)

លិខិត​មិត្ត​អ្នកអាន​៖ ហេតុអ្វីរដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​សម​នឹង​ទទួលបាន​ការសរសើរ​អំឡុងពេល​កូ​វីដ​-១៩? (07 July 2020, Themy Thmey)

The Cambodian Government Deserves Praise Amid COVID-19 (26 June 2020, Cambodianess)

Hun Manet: A Cambodian dynasty? (26 June 2020, The Interpreter)

The Role of University Leadership in Promoting Research in Cambodia (22 June 2020, CICP Op-Ed Series)

Cambodia: Caught in the middle (17 June 2020, The Interpreter)

ទស្សនៈ​៖ ហេតុអ្វី​កម្ពុជា​គួរ​ជំរុញ​«​ការស្រាវជ្រាវ​»​ឱ្យបាន​ខ្លាំងក្លា​ជាទីបំផុត​? (13 June 2020, Thmey Thmey)

Cambodia’s COVID-19 success and economic challenges (12 June 2020, East Asia Forum)

What lies behind Cambodia’s surprise coronavirus success? (02 June 2020, Nikkei Asian Review)

Opinion: Why Cambodia Should Aggressively Promote Research (26 May 2020, Cambodianess)

Tackling fake news amid a coronavirus outbreak (03 February 2020, The Phnom Penh Post)

2019 (29 pieces)

Cambodia’s increasing tilt towards China: A practical but not sustainable foreign policy manoeuvre

US-Cambodia Ties at New Low After Chinese Naval Outpost Report

Chinese investment strains Cambodian society

The need to establish research universities in Cambodia

Building a research culture in Cambodia

Kingdom should promote university research

Rethinking Cambodia’s Foreign Policy towards China and the West

Cambodia and the Issue of China’s Debt Trap

យុវជន​កម្ពុជា និង​បញ្ហា​ព័ត៌មាន​ក្លែងក្លាយ

ជំនួប​ ត្រាំ-គីម នៅវៀតណាម៖ ហេតុ​អ្វី​មិន​មែន​នៅ​កម្ពុជា?

Trump-Kim Summit in Vietnam and implications for Cambodia

Western Pressure and Cambodian Politics

Conflicting historical narratives are divisive

Can Cambodia move beyond its conflicting historical narratives?

Hun Sen’s Legitimacy Dilemma

EU, Cambodia should rethink their approaches to EBA

Kingdom should be wary of EBA loss

Why the EU should try to understand Cambodia

Xenophobia in Cambodia: Is It an Issue?

Why the EU should try to understand Cambodia

Cambodia’s democratic development: Going forward or backward?

Uncertainty and Pressure: Cambodia Under the Weight of Sanctions

Youth should engage in politics

To Lose or Not to Lose: Cambodia’s Dilemma over its EBA Status

Sam Rainsy’s moral dilemma

Reversing Cambodia’s democratic drift

Is Cambodia’s Foreign Policy Heading in the Right Direction?

Cambodia after the 2018 Election: The Issue of Legitimacy

January 7 in Cambodia: One Date, Two Narratives

2018 (1 piece)

Withdrawal of EU Trade Preferences: What Choices Does Cambodia Have?

2017 (3 pieces)

The Role of Mutual Respect in Improving Cambodia-Thailand Relations

Cambodian youth: shaping relations with Vietnam

ASEAN at 50: Challenges and Opportunities for Cambodia


2021 (as of 25 June): 8 pieces (7 outlets)

2020: 68 pieces (24 outlets)

2019: 29 pieces (10 outlets)

2018: 1 piece

2017: 3 pieces (2 outlets)

Total (2017 – Present): 106 pieces at 30 different outlets
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